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Bought a House from an Old Friend

About ten years ago I knew this old guy who ran the shipping and receiving department at a place where I was working. He was a really great guy and I know that he is really in poor health, so I went around to see him. He was getting ready to put his house on the market and move in with his daughter. I sort of looked around and nonchalantly asked him how much he was asking. I did not think I could swing it, but he made it work. Now I have ordered some los angeles shutters for the front of the house. It is really a fairly nice house, but my buddy Jackson was telling me what it used to look like and I got to thinking about how to fix it up. Read the rest of this entry »

We Looked for Orangeries in Chester and Decided to Have One Built

I remember visiting my grandparent’s home back when I was very young and having a grand time out in the space my grandmother referred to as an orangery. She explained to me that it was a room that had large windows and often greenhouse windows for the ceiling to get lots of light to sustain tropical plants in the less than tropical region where the house was built. They were once grand additions to homes that were quite popular. When my wife and I were looking for a home, I searched for orangeries in chester.

I found that we could build a home and have an orangery added as part of the floor plan of most any residential structure we decided on. I also discovered that if we found a nice home that did not have an orangery that we could have one built on as an addition.

We All Feel Much Safer

It is scary for my family and I to watch the news anymore. While we do want to stay informed about what is going on around us, it also shows us just how bad our own corner of the world is getting. Home invasions in our area have been on the rise, and I knew that it was time to protect ourselves even more. I went to so I could learn everything I needed to know about home security systems. A friend had suggested that I just put a dummy security camera on my front porch or a security sign in my front yard to deter criminals, but I wanted the real deal. Read the rest of this entry »

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