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The Things That Feed in Sewers

Society is built from the ground up but rarely do we think about that which we have buried beneath the sub-ground. Twisting, snaking and winding tunnels are buried beneath the lovely green pastures of our laws and the cold pavement of our streets. These tunnels are where the accumulated drainage systems of an entire city spill forth the human waste that we scrape into toilets and drains, conveniently forgetting the sort of vile filth that we create from our bodies and our daily lives. Without sewer cleaning in Bronx NY and the individuals who are willing enough to dive into the dark, dank earth we would not be able to continue on as a functioning society. Read the rest of this entry »

Carpets and Furniture Are Both Cleaned

When I bought my new house, I was a bit concerned about the carpeting in it. Everything else was absolutely perfect, but the carpeting needed some TLC. It is not that it was ragged looking, because I would have just had to have replaced it then. It was just because there were four dogs living in the home, and I did not want dog dander in my house, nor did I know if any of the dogs had went to the bathroom on it. I went online to look for a carpet cleaning company: SOS Nettoyage de Tapis is what I found.

I was impressed with the pictures that I saw on their site. The carpeting in my new house did look like some of the pictures I saw, and I really liked the after pictures, showing just how clean they were able to get the carpeting. I also liked that they guarantee their work. I was so impressed with their site that I decided to let them clean my furniture too just as soon as it was delivered. Read the rest of this entry »

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