I really love animals. I always have. I find it important that humans help to protect them. After all, if one species dies out thanks to humans, it affects other things in the chain. It affects the foods we grow and many more things. Each creature keeps something else in check. So, when I found that I was having trouble and needed bird control in NJ not long ago, I made sure to go with a company who would do the work humanely.

I should also mention that I am a big bird lover. My father used to take me hiking with him when I young girl. He would bring his books about birds and we always had two pairs of binoculars with us. I spent a lot of time thumbing through the books at home during my free time, so when we were out in nature, I could easily recognize which birds I was seeing in the wild. When we would climb a mountain, sit down for a break and I would excitedly yell out, “Look Dad! That’s a Canada Goose!” it made him so proud.

But I recently purchased a business in an old building. The other tenants had mentioned that there had been an ongoing problem with birds getting into the roof. No one had done anything about it and the problem grew worse. There were more being born and staying. There were even more finding out what a great place the attic is, and they began staying, too. In the meantime, their droppings were causing a smell to come through the ceiling. This was affecting my business and was upsetting my customers.

So, I called a place that I knew of that could remove the birds without hurting them. The employees there are animal lovers as well. Afterward, they release them in an area where they can live happily.