About ten years ago I knew this old guy who ran the shipping and receiving department at a place where I was working. He was a really great guy and I know that he is really in poor health, so I went around to see him. He was getting ready to put his house on the market and move in with his daughter. I sort of looked around and nonchalantly asked him how much he was asking. I did not think I could swing it, but he made it work. Now I have ordered some los angeles shutters for the front of the house. It is really a fairly nice house, but my buddy Jackson was telling me what it used to look like and I got to thinking about how to fix it up. The truth is that I should be able to hold onto this place for a period of time and turn a profit on it if I really do smart things.

That is not so easy to do as it is to say, but I got such a great price that it is probably true. Jackson said that he did not feel like messing around and he talked about the money he needed to put into the place to get a good price, but he was not in a great place. I do not think he is in any real immediate risk from his health problems, but he is going to need to be taken care of. For him what I paid him was a good price, but I told him I thought it was too low. At the same time I could not pay more than I did and now I have to think closely about what I need to do next. The shutters will be it for a time.