When I bought my new house, I was a bit concerned about the carpeting in it. Everything else was absolutely perfect, but the carpeting needed some TLC. It is not that it was ragged looking, because I would have just had to have replaced it then. It was just because there were four dogs living in the home, and I did not want dog dander in my house, nor did I know if any of the dogs had went to the bathroom on it. I went online to look for a carpet cleaning company: SOS Nettoyage de Tapis is what I found.

I was impressed with the pictures that I saw on their site. The carpeting in my new house did look like some of the pictures I saw, and I really liked the after pictures, showing just how clean they were able to get the carpeting. I also liked that they guarantee their work. I was so impressed with their site that I decided to let them clean my furniture too just as soon as it was delivered. I had them come out first and clean all of the carpeting first while there was no furniture in the house.

It was easier for them this way, plus I knew that every single inch of carpeting was getting cleaned. Then, I brought all the furniture in, and they came back to do the sofas, chairs and even the mattress. I would not have even thought to have this done had I not read what was on their website about what can be found in furniture and mattresses. I have to admit that I sleep a lot better knowing that my carpeting and furniture was professionally cleaned, and I do not have to worry about finding any dog hair anywhere or smelling them either for that matter!