My neighbors and I live in a gated community. We actually weren’t sure if we wanted to live in a community that had a home owner’s association because we thought that it was really strange to pay fees to an organization that enforced rules telling us what we had to do with our property. We had to paint our trim every so often and if we did not keep up with the maintenance then we would get fined. Orange county shutters were an issue last year, we got a notice in the mail that our white wooden shutters were starting to show signs of wear. We were told that we had to paint our shutters within thirty days or we were going to get fined a lot of money for every day after the thirty if they were still not painted. We decided that we would call a few of our neighbors and ask them if they had anything to paint. A few of them did have to paint their shutters too, so we decided to have a painting party.

We had everyone come over so that we could all paint together. We had our grill going with hot dogs and people made salads to bring over. The beer and soda were flowing and we were all singing and talking and enjoying the gorgeous weather of the day when we were visited by the board’s president. She told all twenty six of us that we were being too loud and that we had to stop the party right away. We told her that we were on my yard, in my property line and that they would have to call the police to get us to shut down. She refused to call the police as she knew that we were right and she was wrong.