Recently, I had a close call in my yard. Well, it is a bit of a misrepresentation to call it a close call, because there was some damage done to my house, but it could have been a lot worse. I was cutting down a tree myself in my yard, and I accidentally grazed the house with the trunk when it fell to the ground. I need to find a company for gutter repairs now because that was the only part of the house that was really damaged.

But the gutters on the side of the house really got messed up by the tree trunk. The trunk just hit the gutter and ripped it right off of the side of the house. That is pretty much the extent of the damage that was done though, so I count myself a bit lucky in that. It could be a lot worse, and I could be calling someone to work on my roof right now. I do not think that the gutters did too much damage to the underlying house facade when they were ripped off. It doesn’t look like it from the ground anyway. I haven’t gotten up on a ladder to check it out more closely though.

I am hoping that the gutters can just be attached back to the side of the house, and that they are not so messed up that they will need to be entirely replaced. Or if I do need to replace part of them, maybe they can just do this small section where it was ripped off of the house, as opposed to replacing them on the entire house. I was cutting down the tree in order to not have to pay someone else to do it, but now I have to pay for these repairs. Kind of ironic.