Chester Bennington - Una voz, miles de sentimientos esperando ...I have a nice job in Chester and I have been living in a nice flat within walking distance of my place of employment. However one of the fellows I met at the Falcon Inn talked me into buying a piece of land within easy driving distance of the city. It is a beautiful place, but it is well off the grid and I am sort of looking to use it was a getaway. I like to take photos of the natural world and to fish a little. I am looking to have an electrician in chester go out and give me an estimate on some sort of alternative power sources. This place is not going to get hooked up the electrical grid, you would have to spend a small fortune to do that I am sure and it does not seem as though there is any point in thinking about that. However my needs are pretty slight and I suppose that a few solar panels and a small wind turbine might be good enough.

Of course I do not really know for sure. I can put in a gas stove for cooking and heat the place with wood if I needed to do so. I am thinking that I would like to watch the football matches and it would not be terribly difficult to power up a small flat screen telly and a dish for Sky. Beyond that I can not really think of much that I will need. It is about forty minutes from there to my flat, a bit more if the weather is bad as the road is unsafe in heavy rain. At least I do not want to be speeding too much on that road as there are a good many places where you could go down for a long time.