This will probably be the best year for heating repair in Teaneck NJ, because nearly everyone in my neighborhood had a broken heater this year. The residents have been contacting the repair men far in advance of the winter season just so they can have their heaters repaired before the temperatures got really cold. I like to procrastinate about a lot of things, so naturally I decided to wait until much later to get my heater repaired. This was a big mistake, because the temperature got colder sooner than I expected. I woke up one day to find myself shivering underneath my sheets.

After taking a warm shower that morning, I put on a thick sweater, pulled out my laptop, and started looking for someone to repair my heater. I could barely move my fingers over the keys because they were shaking so much from the cold. I could see my breath in the air, and this was indoors. Through the torturous cold air, I managed to find a repair man who could service my heater for an affordable price and gave him a call.

The repair man was able to come to my home the same day I called him, which was better than I expected. I thought I would have to wait until the next day for him to have an available time, or worse. The repair man took a look at my heater, and saw that only a small part was malfunctioning. He looked in his truck and got a replacement part, and installed it in place of the old one. He turned on the heater and it was working again. The sound of the hot air coming through the vents was like the sound of an angel blowing into my ears. I let the heater stay on the whole day.