Society is built from the ground up but rarely do we think about that which we have buried beneath the sub-ground. Twisting, snaking and winding tunnels are buried beneath the lovely green pastures of our laws and the cold pavement of our streets. These tunnels are where the accumulated drainage systems of an entire city spill forth the human waste that we scrape into toilets and drains, conveniently forgetting the sort of vile filth that we create from our bodies and our daily lives. Without sewer cleaning in Bronx NY and the individuals who are willing enough to dive into the dark, dank earth we would not be able to continue on as a functioning society. Infection and disease would be rife within our communities without the sanctity of that sewer system that most of us would be more than happy to completely forget. Nobody wants to be reminded of what kind of soiled wastes that they produce!

Sanitation workers therefore no doubt deserve our highest respects. They are the people who are either luckless enough to choose fall into such a profession or are brave enough to actuallywant to do it themselves. I did it out of sheer curiosity; I’ve always felt that it’s important to understand different walks of life or, more accurately, I’m some sort of masochist. I’ll gladly and freely admit to anyone that it’s not a job that I would ever willingly employ myself into again. Even if I were desperate for work I would much rather flip burgers while wearing the most nerdy of paper crowns at some ridiculous fast food theme joint rather than wade through the human sludge that I found in those vast pits of sewer systems. It was like another world in those dark tunnels; one of sickening smells and creeping, crawlingthings thatfeed on our wastes.