Working through the to do list, but I do not think I am going to have a weekend free to go fishing for a good long while. We knew that when we bought the place. The moment you went through the doors of the place you could see that it was going to be a long term commitment. Some people want to buy a house where it is all perfect, but a house that is perfect and has no problems is going to be quite pricey as well. It was not as though we could have gotten in this place if some other person had gone through it and solved all of the problems with it. They would have expected to be compensated for the time and effort and money it took to get the place in that sort of shape. The people we bought it from did not want to bother with that stuff.

In fact the guy I bought the house from was my Dentist about ten years ago. He is a rich dentist know and this house belonged to his Dad who is moving to the old folk’s home. All he wanted to do was get out of the place what it was worth and use the money to finance the care of his Dad. He was not interested in trying to maximize it so that the price he got was as great as it could be. That would have been a lot of work and he does not even live in this area any more. He moved to the part of the country where his wife was from, down near Myrtle Beach SC I believe. So he just wanted to get rid of the place at a fair price and go on about his business down there.